For The Easy Straight (two discs, CD/DVD):
Cost for Canadian destinations is $20.00 + 13% HST (CDN), including shipping and handling.
Cost for U.S. and international destinations is $25.00 (US), including shipping and handling.

Payment options:

1. Cheque to Midnight Island Music, 43 Appleton Avenue Toronto ON Canada M6E 3A4
2. Visa or Mastercard: email me the number, expiry, postal code, and text the CVV to 416 617 9362
3. Best for me: email money transfer to

Or, for .mp3 version of audio only from CD Baby, click HERE

iTunes: click HERE

"The sound of the original recording has been preserved as closely as possible, however, due to its high resolution, the compact disc can reveal limitations of the source tape." ...Were we ever that young?