Preferred Resellers


When I was young we were given an American LP of eccentric children's stories and songs: Jim Copp Tales. It was a staple of my childhood, and I could reproduce the entire album verbatim. In the mid 80s, Playhouse Records in California advertised the availability of this LP in The New Yorker. I phoned up, and talked to a very pleasant man, who, when I indicated that I expected that I would send him a cheque, and he would thereupon send the LP, said, "Oh, I'll put it in the mail today. I'm sure the money will arrive." I later learned that I had been talking to Jim Copp himself. This remains for me the gold standard of retail practice, and you, dear readers, are the beneficiaries. Various options are listed below for Another Street and Late, but for now, if you would like a copy of The Easy Straight, click here, and I'll send one out immediately.

A Different Drummer Books
513 Locust St.
Burlington L7S 1V3
P: (905) 639-0925
F: (905) 681-8893

The Old Hastings Gallery Store
3103 Old Hastings Road
Box 254, Ormsby, ON K0L 1P0
P: (613) 337-5050
20 minutes south of Bancroft and 25 minutes east of Apsley

Stratford Shakespeare Festival Theatre Stores
Festival Theatre / Avon Theatre

Ellington's Music & Cafe
805 St. Clair Ave. West
Toronto M6C 1B9
P: (416) 652-9111